We bring your business to the next level of success
We bring your business to the next level of success
Our Vision - Take Your Business To The Next Level
Our Vision - Take Your Business To The Next Level

Your European Footprint

If your company would like to extend its coverage across Europe without extensive start-up investments for hiring own staff and office locations United-Telekom will start the business for you with your brand.

Sales Consulting

You will work with sales consultants, who know the "ins" and "outs" of your industry to help you determine, which path will lead to significant increase in sales performance.


United-Telekom brings passion and deep industry expertise in Telecommunications/IT, Renewable Energy, Distribution and Retail to deliver high-impact solutions that help clients achieve better results faster.

Welcome at United-Telekom Consulting

We like solving problems, taking things apart, seeing how they work and putting them back together - better - or present alternative ways leading to your target. We lead the way in combining science and hands-on experiences to solve the toughest sales and marketing challenges. For more than 20 years, we have learned from each success and apply our passions to help clients win and grow.


When the forces of sales and marketing combine, the impact can be incredible. Together, they have power to boost market share, increase revenue, lower costs and improve overall business performance.


That is exactly the impact United-Telekom Consulting delivers.


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