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United-Telekom Consulting, founded in Munich Germany in 2008, is a sales strategy implementation firm, which accelerate execution by building allignment, mindset and capability needed to deliver superior business impact. The company draws on over 30 years of experience in Telecommunications/IT, SaaS, Healthcare & Medical Devices, Renewable Energy, Distribution and Media.


Our typical client wants the opportunity to enter the German speaking market, pursue new customers and expands its operations without being hampered by lack of funds or fear of risk.


We have the insight and experience to help you to start the business in the various markets and regions by leveraging our relationships with international companies across the specialized sectors. In our research and work with clients we have found a huge untapped opportunity to win new strategic accounts or grow existing accounts through cross-selling and up-selling technology products and services.

To enter a new market, especially if it is a foreign market, in addition to a convincing product, you also need to know the mentality of the country.
It's true that the internet and the ease of travelling around have brought markets closer together, but traditions, culture and mentality always remain the main elements that characterize a people.

If these factors are not taken into account, difficulties may arise, which at first are ignored or appear very distant. With our experience, intercultural skills and knowledge of German-speaking countries, we will provide you with our know-how to bring you as close as possible to your future customers in those countries and make sure that you can operate with peace of mind knowing that you always have us at your side to resolve any conflicts that may arise. United-Telekom Consulting will always be at your side and help you to grow your business abroad.


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