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United-Telekom Consulting´s charter and philosopy has been developed by professional field sales experts across extensive area


Since United-Telekom Consulting has full time professionals within the regions focusing on your products, this allows you to leverage their many decades sales experience. Compared to the risk of recruiting, training and carrying a full-time sales representative, United-Telekom Consulting allow you to scale in local territories, nationally and globally with our team of professionals that come trained and ready to start immediately upon engaging our team. Our clients have ranged from startups to mid-size companies to venture backed technology partnerships to global corporations



  •     Current regional strategy 
  •     Go-To-Market options
  •     Potential market segments
  •     Industry and customer trends
  •     Regulatory requirements
  •     Buying criteria and drivers
  •     Products, prices, promotions
  •     Channels of distribution
  •     Competitive analysis
  •     Expectations vs. potentials
  •     Key Performance Indicators
  •     Sales force structures
  •     Preliminary sales plan
  •     Budget requirements
  •     Time frame to success


  •     In-deep market research
  •     Focus groups and interviews
  •     Strategy and action plans
  •     Target account relationships
  •     High-performance teams
  •     Distribution networks
  •     Market and account coverage
  •     Goals, quotas and forecasts
  •     Performance reporting tools
  •     Pricing models
  •     Compensation systems
  •     Localized marketing material
  •     Pipeline of new opportunities
  •     Product and sales training
  •     Critical 3rd party alliances
  •     Clear path to success
  •   Strong motivated sales team
  •   Network of focused dealers
  •   Urgency and accountability
  •   Optimized productivity
  •   New markets and segments
  •   New international customers
  •   Account penetration
  •   Accelerated sales growth
  •   Brand loyalty
  •   Minimized risks
  •   Maximized ROI
  •   Reduced time to market
  •   Cross cultural insights
  •   Ongoing support and advice
  •   Guaranteed results
Yet so many businesses shy away from pro-active lead generation and struggle to achieve sales results. Outsourcing the front line of business development can be the most effective and timely way to generate new business opportunities and build a sales pipeline.

At United-Telekom Consulting we pride ourselves on being an extension of your team, using our proven prospecting and business development techniques to give your sales pipeline a ‘shot in the arm’, regardless of the product/service.


Why Should Your Business Outsource Sales?


Cost Saving

Utilizing sales outsourcing has proven to save companies up to 73% in costs as compared to recruting a direct sales team in foreign regions



Decreased Risk

United-Telekom Consulting allows you to immediately penetrate territories for your products and services without the long-term risks and commitment of a direct sales employee



Market Knowledge

Our staff members have decades of experience across many specialty areas and leverage this to quickly and effectively increase sales for your products and services




Marketers constantly struggle to find the right level and mix of promotions to support ever-higher sales goals.Top-of-mind concerns for marketing executives include:


  • Are we using the right promotional tactics?
  • Are these tactics aligned with our brand strategy and are they driving the right behaviours?
  • What is the financial impact or ROI of our promotional tactics?
  • What is the optimal investment level in total and by tactics?
  • How can we better execute all of the different elements of our marketing plan?


We take a comprehensive look at the entire set of tactics and go to market with a multichannel approch driven by our clients preferences. An effective marketing mix will maximize our client´s chances of achieving and exceeding its sales targets as well as provide a competitive advantage


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